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May 22, 2019

We've teamed up with a bunch of other great podcasts for kids for this special Kids Listen Sampler.  If there was a J-Card, here is what it would say:

Side A
1. What If World
2. Story Spectacular
3. Noodle Loaf
4. Book Power for Kids
5. Little Stories for Tiny People
Side B
6. Be Calm on Ahway Island
7. Cool Facts About...

May 15, 2019

Put on your rhyming hat, your singing pants and your drawing cummerbund because today's show has those things inside of it.  We have a splendid variety of music and creativity based activities for you and your family to enjoy together.  What will the mystery drawing be?  What food is typically served with Akara? What...

May 1, 2019

We begin with a two part ode to friendship. And what better activities to enjoy with a friend than the naming of sounds followed by the jamming along to said sounds which have been artfully remixed into a funky funky beat?  And more!

Kids Talking About Stuff ✪

A Friend Like You (Echo Song / Pitch Matching) ✪


Apr 22, 2019

If y'all want to party like we do, if y'all want to party like us, then by all means, please do.  Here's what to expect at aforementioned party:

Call and Response (Rhythmic Awareness) ✪

The World Is Big, The World Is Small (Echo Song / Pitch Matching) ✪

You Make The Story (Verbal Improvisation) ✪


Apr 15, 2019

Slide your way into our island breezy echo song about finding the good vibes in everything.  Then bring that positive energy to our jam sesh.  It's all good Noodlinos, it's all good.  

Singing Slide (Vocal Warm-Up) ✪

It's All Good (Echo Song / Pitch Matching) ✪

Jam Along (Rhythmic Improvisation/Body Percussion)