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May 28, 2018

Going for a drive with the kids? Start praying for traffic because we've got all new games this week!  The miles will fly by as you dance, play name that tune (kazoo edition) and morph your family into an a capella ensemble.  Tell Waze to take the long way home!

Dance Dance Noodleution ✪
Name That Tune ✪
Vocal Jam ✪

More singing, more smiling and more iTunes reviews pls :)  Those help other families find the show which helps more singing happen in the world. More singing, fewer screens = yes.

ALSO! Want to add your voice to the Noodle Loaf choir? The echo song and instructions are here.  PLUS! share your family's Vocal Jam sesh with us at noodleloafshow@gmail or just tag a video of your jam with @noodleloafshow on TwitterFacebook or Instagram