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We love your feedback! And we'd also love to have you be part of the show!  Send us a message and we'll let you know how to make that happen.

Or just follow these instructions to send a submission to Noodle Loaf:

Here's how to submit a "Kids Talking About Stuff" or their favorite joke.

1. Bring your phone or other decent recorder and your child (or other decent child) to a reasonably quiet location.  No wind is good.

2. If recording a "Kids Talking About Stuff," ask the kids questions.  Have them ask each other questions.  Try not to talk while they talk.  

If recording a joke, just try not to talk while they talk.  Laughing is fine, assuming the joke is good :)

3. Email the audio file to  Include names, ages and location of the kids as you would like them said on the show.


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