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Mar 18, 2019

originally aired March 12th 2018

Can you Name That Sound?  Want to learn an echo song about an owl?  Or just sit back and listen to kids talk about stuff?  All that and more on this WORLD PREMIERE of Noodle Loaf, a fun thing to listen to.

Kids Talking About Stuff ✪

Name That Sound (Aural Awareness) ✪

A Wise Old Owl...

Mar 11, 2019

originally published April 9th 2018

Rhythm Games, Echo Songs, Trivi-trivi-triviaaaaaa and more good times await you!

Clap It Back (Rhythm Awareness) ✪

Kids Talking About Stuff ✪

A Poem ✪

Trivia (General Knowledge) ✪

Bill Grogan's Goat (Echo Song / Pitch Matching) ✪


✪ Tell one friend...

Feb 25, 2019

Our final Black History Month episode of the month celebrates the under celebrated bicycle racing champion of the world, Major Taylor.  You can learn all about him and how his "fame was undermined by prejudice" in this article here:


Feb 18, 2019

Our celebration of Black History Month continues with a joyful Gospel song called "Glory Glory," shared with us by Eli "Paperboy" Reed.  And as if that wasn't enough we've got rhyming games and a fill-in-the-blank story about why we get upset and what to do when we're feeling that way.  

Rhyme Time...

Feb 11, 2019

We're Noodlefornia Dreaming on such a winter's day.  How about all you mama's and papa's?  All this month we'll be sharing some fun Black History Month songs and games, but they're also just great songs and games that are fun to sing and play during all the months.  Even June, for example.

Pizza Pizza Daddy-O (Creative...