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Apr 1, 2020

Two truths and a lie. True tooths and a fly.  Few sleuths in a sty etc. etc.  Red Herrings abound in this early April release.  Catch them, or be caught!  

KaraYOUke (Verbal and Melodic Improvisation) ✪

I Built a Fort (Echo Song / Pitch Matching) ✪

Audio Walk (Close Listening) ✪

Jam Along (Rhythmic Improvisation...

Mar 25, 2020

Won't you sing and dance with us?  We've got a new song about video playdates, because there has been a major increase in those in our lives and possibly yours as well.  Might as well sing about it :)

Video Playdate (Echo Song / Pitch Matching) ✪

Time To Move - Robot Dance (Creative Movement) ✪

You Make The Story...

Mar 18, 2020

Hey, how's it going?  What's new?  All is great you say?  That's great to hear.  Nothing to report on our end.  Just some extra down time to fill with singing and dancing and drawing and having fun.  Let's do those things together, ok?  Great, bye!

Rhyme Time (Phonological Awareness) ✪

At The Salad Bar (Echo Song /...

Mar 4, 2020

Boom Bam!  It's show note writing time! In today's episode we have a rhythm game about washing hands. #topical #yikes 
Also, a song about the colors of the rainbow and we present our 2nd annual Trinidad Carnival recap. 

Clap It Back (Rhythm Awareness) ✪

ROY G BIV (Echo Song / Pitch Matching) ✪

Carnival Recap...

Feb 12, 2020

Get ready for some part singing!  Your family is about to become an acapella group.  But then you'll go solo so you can individually profess your admiration for the great Harriet Tubman.  With nothing left to prove on vocal terrain, you will decide to express yourself using only your body.  An entire music career in a...