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Sep 17, 2018

We kick off with a sticky predicament. A blueberry problem so to speak.  It requires moving in slow jelly motion.  I'd love to see some footage of this game! Share your nut butter quest on social medias with @noodleloafshow pls.  And is that the Pogues doing an echo song?  Nope.  Enjoy the show!

Time to Move - Blueberry...

Sep 10, 2018

They say you should dance like nobody's looking at the kitchen utensils.  And that writing about architecture is like singing about worms.  And that learning about dinosaurs is called paleontology, not to be confused with Patreontology which is the study of supporting Noodle Loaf.  This may or may not all make sense...

Sep 3, 2018

Learning through play! Or to quote Beyoncé "I Play, Okay, I Play."  At least that's what I think she says.  Maybe I need new headphones.  Regardless, we're back with more music education in the form of songs, games and good times.  

Singing Slide (vocal warm-up) ✪
Down By The Bay (echo song) ✪
You Make The Story...

Jun 4, 2018

Season One's grand finale! And we're ending with a boom bap boom. We've got a guest appearance by Angela Ferrari. We've got an echo song about getting dirty. And a whale sounds remix. Look out Kanye!

Echo Song (Take A Little Water) ✪
You Make The Story (by Story Spectacular) ✪
Name That Sound ✪
Jam Along ✪


May 28, 2018

Going for a drive with the kids? Start praying for traffic because we've got all new games this week!  The miles will fly by as you dance, play name that tune (kazoo edition) and morph your family into an a capella ensemble.  Tell Waze to take the long way home!

Dance Dance Noodleution ✪
Name That Tune ✪